Management Consulting and Professional Services

  • Leadership Assessment: 2CM performs an assessment of your leadership style, experiences, and results compared to peers at other companies within your industry. The end-result of the assessment is an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses along with specific recommendations of improving your leadership capabilities.
  • Marketability Assessment: : 2CM assess your marketability as compared to other officers and leaders within the industry. The Marketability Assessment requires that you first complete the Leadership Assessment outlines above. The end-result of the Marketability Assessment is an evaluation of your current market value (i.e. what is a fair market value for your services in your current position) and a forecast of your future market value and the positions you are most suited for.
  • Utility 101: 2CM, through its UtilityReview subsidiary, offers an onsite training class for your officers and employees on the electric utility industry. The class covers the basic financials of the regulatory business model for the investor owned utilities, the three key forms of electric utilities (investor owned, municipal owned, and member owned).
  • Utility 202: 2CM, through its UtilityReview subsidiary, offers an offsite training program for officers and "future officers" to help veterans of the electric utility industry understand and experience competition in a safe and nurturing environment. The goal of the class is to equip participates with experiences and judgments relative to marketing and selling energy, products, and services that would not have been gained in traditional energy markets.