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During the last decade, the electric utility industry has been undergoing a transformation. During the mid-90's, advocates of deregulation were mounting an aggressive and pressing campaign to initiate deregulation of the electric utility industry. By the latter part of the 90's, deregulation was underway and accelerating rapidly as we rolled into the early 2000's.

The collapse of the California energy markets in the summer of 2000, followed by the collapse of Enron (the staunchest advocate for deregulation of the industry) in its infamous accounting scandal brought an abrupt end to the ever-accelerating pace of deregulation for the industry. Politicians, regulators, and industry leaders called for caution in moving forward; wisely realizing the importance of a viable electric industry for the economy of the US.

2CM is focused on helping executives in the electric utility industry achieve the personal growth they need to become effective leaders within the industry.